About us

Impact Designs is a member based non-profit organisation based in Aarhus, Denmark. We work to improve livelihoods of refugees in low- and middle income countries.

Our approach is based on the development of sustainable business models, which can be utilised by refugees to generate income without the need for external support.

Impact Designs was founded and is led by three social entrepreneurs:

Rasmus Schjoedt has ten years of experience working in international development in Africa and Asia, and has among others worked for Save the Children and as a consultant for UN organisations, including the World Food Programme (WFP) in Uganda.

Kontakt: rasmus@impactdesigns.dk


Charlotte Bay Hansen is the founder of the company BUG AMOK, and is working to increase consumption of insects in Denmark, as a sustainable and climate friendly source of protein.

Kontakt: charlotte@impactdesigns.dk


Sarah Boyce is a data analyst with a passion for CSR and social entrepreneurship.

Kontakt: sarah@impactdesigns.dk